About Me

Hi my name is Kris, I am a keen amateur photographer.

I was brought my first camera as a gift by someone very special to me. My first camera was a Nikon D3500, it came with a 18 – 55 mm zoom lens and 70 – 300 zoom lens.

When  I saw the camera, I was so excited and that evening we went for a walk along the tidal river a few miles down the road. Perfect weather, hardly any wind and warm.

As we walked along a group of swans were seen calmly swimming along towards us, there was some beautiful reflections, I had the camera set on auto, I took several photos as they swam near using the 70 – 300 lens. I walked back to the car, hoping  that I had got a few reasonable photos.

When we got home, I put the photos into Lightroom and was surprised to have some good photos, clear, sharp and home good reflections.

You do not always get things correct first time in camera, in the first photo, the land and water at the top of the photo distracts the eye away from the swans, however a quick crop in the software soon corrects the problem.