Beach Photoshoot

I have a few different ideas for photo shoots, one was to do one on the seafront, I wanted some on the sand and in the sea.

I arranged for a shoot with Shanice, the day approached and on the day with weather was not great, cloudy, and windy but with no rain. After speaking to Shanice we decided to go ahead with the shoot.

Shanice was a great model and was happy to go into the sea even through it was very cold. we had discussed outfits and decided on a white dress and a white shirt.

Shanice came with a small changing tent so she could change her outfits easily.

we started with the white dress, we both settled down to the shoot and being relaxed with each other helped a lot.

we achieved some great shots.

We then went on to the white shirt for a slightly different look

again we achieved some great looks.



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